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Moving abroad and need a quick house sale? There are a number of reasons why you may need to sell your house fast to move abroad or emigrate. You could be looking to begin a new life overseas, start a new career elsewhere or emigrate for retirement. There are a number of advantages in achieving a quick house sale when moving abroad but homeowners need to understand that there are many factors to consider before they make their decision to sell house fast and emigrate.
The UK is “currently” a member of the European Union (albeit following the referendum this year we are to part ways with Europe in the near future) and there has always been a freedom of movement for all people within the European Union to live and work in other European counties. Over the last 20 or so years this has led to a number of UK homeowners selling their properties quickly to move abroad to warmer horizons and a better lifestyle.

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As we all know the UK property market has been a little sluggish over the last 8-10 years and it’s not often easy to sell your house fast when you want to move abroad. You may have made the conscious decision to emigrate but have you considered that you might not be able to sell your house quickly as you might get involved in a long drawn out house chain?
The idea of selling a property fast to move abroad might be a good idea but how long is a piece of string? Trying to sell your property through an estate agent is fine but timescales aren’t guaranteed and how do you know your property will sell quickly, if at all? The average house sale in the UK is typically 9 months through an estate agent so moving abroad quickly might be a good idea, but is it feasible? Relying on estate agents to achieve a fast house sale for emigration just isn’t realistic, the UK property market is known to be seasonal and unless you are selling your property between March – August, don’t expect an estate agent to sell your house fast!

Sometimes the excitement to move abroad for the hot weather and new culture can be too tempting to pass up however. From the outset homeowners need to establish the legal responsibilities such as work visas and how you will achieve a quick house sale to move abroad and buy overseas. In most foreign countries the legal system is considerably different to the UK’s so a thorough understanding of the property legal system is paramount before you sell your house fast to move abroad. Property law is not straight forward and here at Property Buyer we always recommend you consult with a legal specialist in this field.
Not only is there different paperwork, but there are different ways of making an offer as well as the general conveyancing process for every foreign country. Families may also need to consider the schooling when considering a quick house sale for emigration, alongside banking, healthcare and any state benefits which you potentially could receive when moving abroad.
Some of the costs involved with moving abroad can be extremely high so homeowners need to budget carefully and plan accordingly with a contingency in mind. A fast house sale for emigration might be a great idea but some countries are “means tested”, which means you have to prove to foreign countries that you are financially secure and have a job set up in order to secure a visa or citizenship. It’s important to check the laws with regards to a visa for the country you are looking to emigrate to.
It’s always a good idea to give yourself time to consider moving abroad as it can be a drawn out process. If you need to sell my house fast to move abroad, it might initially be a good idea to achieve a quick house sale on your UK home first. Sometimes selling your property in the UK and moving into rented accommodation short term will put you in a better position and will give you time to research the country you want to move to. If you are in a rush to move abroad for work commitments or family, you could consider a property buying company. The other alternative if you have time on your hands is to instruct a local estate agent to manage the sale of your UK property. Timescales are unpredictable which has already been discussed.

When considering a quick house sale to move abroad there are a number of informative forums online which have expats from all over the world giving feedback / information on how to secure visas, find work, schooling, healthcare, benefits available, pensions, taxs etc. Another good place to start researching when considering emmigration is through government websites such as:

Sell House Fast Emmigration
If you have secured a job abroad or you are moving to a different country but working for the same company, the company should be able to assist you with finding a property abroad as well as other information such as finance, property law and culture.
Selling your house fast to move abroad / emigrate might be a good idea but we suggest you take advantage of long weekends to your chosen destination. This way you can experience the lifestyle and culture of a particular country and get a feel for it to see if you could move their fulltime. We have found that if people don’t visit the country they want to move to they can end up been homesick and find it difficult to handle the transition and settle in. On the basis you undertake your research when considering moving abroad, you can sell your house quickly and emigrate in no time at all.

There is now a new way to sell your house quick if you want to emigrate and that’s through property buying companies such as Property Buyer. Property buyer is a regulated firm and specialise in helping homeowners in the UK achieve a quick house sale and assist them with moving abroad.
There are a number of benefits to selling your home quickly with Property Buyer:
• A regulated property buying company and a founding member of the NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers).
• Over 40 years combined experience in assisting UK homeowners with emigration and achieving their ultimate goal.
• All UK homeowner’s seller’s fees are paid for, this is inclusive of your legal fees. If you sell your house fast for emigration you will also avoid paying extortionate estate agency fees.
• You can sell your property in just 7 days!
• Private and discreet sale at all times

If you need to sell your house fast for emigration, or just want a quick house sale to move abroad, Property Buyer is a regulated property buying company which understands international property law and are here to help. Instructing Property Buyer is easy, all you need to do is contact the Property Buyer team or alternatively fill in your property details on the website to receive your no obligation cash offer.
Whilst Property Buyer can purchase your home quick in as little as 7 days we can delay a completion for up to 6 months if required so we can accommodate any requirements. Property Buyer doesn’t pay the full market value for your home but what we do offer is a guaranteed cash sale with all your seller fees paid! Contact our property professionals today, you could be moving abroad quicker than you originally thought!

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