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Quick House Sale for Cash in London

Do you need a quick house sale for cash in London for your property? If you do, you certainly aren’t the first! There are a number of reasons why you may need a quick house sale for cash in London, some scenarios are highlighted below:

  1. Divorce
  2. Relocation
  3. Repossession
  4. Financial Difficulties
  5. Emmigration
  6. Move to a School catchment area
  7. Funding for care home
  8. Illness
  9. Part Exchange
  10. Private Sale
  11. Found a Dream Home
  12. Retirement
  13. Release Equity
  14. Inheritance
  15. Release Equity

These are just a few reasons why homeowners in London may need a quick house sale for cash. With the London market been rather subdued of late due to the UK voting out of the EU and the change in stamp duty laws in March April 2016, homeowners in London more than ever are looking for quick house sales for cash. Sometimes selling your property through a traditional estate agent doesn’t work as timescales are against you.

This is where Property Buyer can help to achieve you a quick cash house sale for cash on your property in London. What do you know about Property Buyer in London? See below some facts about Property Buyer:

  1. The market leading property buying company in the UK
  2. A regulated firm, regulated by the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) & the NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers).
  3. Over 50 years of experience in quick house sales for cash in London.
  4. A wealth of experience in the London Property Market.
  5. A company ran by qualified chartered surveyors
  6. Largest cash buying company in London and the Quick House Sale industry

What are the benefits of a fast house sale in London for Cash using Property Buyer?

  • Quick house sale for cash in 7 days or in a timescale to suit you.
  • No fees to pay, Property Buyer even pays your legal fees
  • No broken house chains
  • Private house sale
  • Reliable cash house buyers in London
  • Regulated chartered surveying firm

Quick house sales for cash in London are becoming more difficult through an estate agent as the property market nationally is declining due to Brexit, loss in value of the pound and the increase in stamp duty (this has particularly hit the London property markets). Properties are generally sticking on the market and when you consider the average property sale in the UK is 8 months, its no wonder there is high demand for companies such as Property Buyer to buy your house for cash in London.

If you want a no obligation cash offer for a quick house sale in London, contact Property Buyer on 0208 0033290. Property Buyer can deliver a quick house sale for cash in London within 7 days or in a timescale to suit you, contact us today for further information.

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